NU Votes

NU Votes is a non-partisan initiative of the Center for Civic Engagement to provide the NU community with accessible and understandable information about voter registration and voting procedures.

About NU Votes

A cornerstone of civic life in a democracy includes voting in elections. However, one of the most basic steps - registering to vote - can sometimes be a confusing or burdensome task. This is especially true for college students, many of whom are away from home and may have never registered before. To help students navigate this important civic process, Northwestern and CCE have developed NU Votes - a non-partisan student-driven initiative to provide the Northwestern community with easy, accessible voter registration information for all 50 states.

how to register to vote


Walk-in registration at the Center for Civic Engagement

Throughout the year, members of the Northwestern Community can walk into the Center for Civic Engagement (1813 Hinman on the Evanston Campus) to register to vote or update their registration information.


Wildcat Welcome Voter Registration

In collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, University Services, and the WildCARD Office, NU Votes offers first-year students quick and easy voter registration resources while they wait in line for their WildCARD during orientation week.


Periodic Voter Registration Drives

NU Votes organizes additional registration drives at various locations on campus throughout the year, and can provide resources for student groups to organize their own drives.

Students who complete the voter registration process are kept informed about local elections, polling places and electoral resources for their state of registration. NU Votes also reminds registered students to update their registration information (if necessary) at the beginning of the school year - a time when many students change addresses.

These opportunities make it quick and easy to:

Register at your permanent OR campus address
Update your registration address
Get absentee ballot information
Stay updated on upcoming elections
Remember to bring your driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, or passport and your NU WildCARD.

College is an ideal time to get more engaged in the world around you. And registering to vote is a great first step.