NU Public Interest Program

Building a Network of Engaged Citizens to Inspire Change

Hosting a Fellow

Host Organization Expectations

  • Provide challenging and meaningful work for the Fellow, full-time for a period of 9-12 months.
  • Provide orientation and training specific to the organization and position.
  • Provide ongoing supervision and feedback for the Fellow.
  • Allow the Fellow to attend bi-weekly professional development seminars and participate in mentorship, networking, and community-building activities.
  • Provide basic financial support for the Fellow, typically around $30,000 for the term of the Fellowship*, plus basic health insurance benefits.**
  • Contribute a placement fee of $1,000 to NUPIP, to support the recruitment, screening, and matching process, as well as ongoing professional development, mentorship, networking, and community building activities, and support and advising throughout the fellowship year.
  • Maintain regular communication with NUPIP staff, and participate in the NUPIP community as interested and available.

*The exact stipend is set by the host organization, and typically ranges from $25,000-$35,000 for a full-year Fellowship (12 months). The stipend can be prorated for a shorter term of service (9-11 months).
**Host organizations unable to provide health insurance benefits may offer an additional stipend to purchase health insurance if needed.

Application & Matching Process

Interested organizations should submit the NUPIP Host Organization Proposal. Application consideration and matching begins January 15 and continues throughout the winter and spring, until all fellows have been placed.

The typical timeline is as follows:

• Prospective host organizations complete applications

February – March
• Host organizations receive prospective matches and candidate materials
• Host organizations conduct interviews with selected candidates

March – April
• Host organizations select candidates and make offers
• First round placements finalized
• Second round matches, interviews, offers, and placements (as needed)

• Matched Fellows and host organizations return signed Letter of Agreement
• Host organizations and Fellows attend Spring Reception

June – September
• Fellows begin work at host organizations. Fellowships must run at least 9 months.
Specific start dates and schedules are arranged between the organization and the Fellow.

September 2017
• Seminars begin

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