Special Concentration in Law and Advocacy

Engage Chicago is pleased to offer an exciting program component for students interested in careers or further study in law-related fields. The Engage Chicago: Law & Advocacy Concentration consists of a series of weekly seminars and field experiences that help students explore contemporary issues and prospective careers in legal work, public interest law, politics/policy, advocacy, and other related fields.

In order to participate, students must apply to and be accepted into the Engage Chicago program.

Please note: students may choose to enhance their understanding of Law and Advocacy issues by also pursuing a law-related internship to fulfill the Internship component of Engage Chicago. However, students are also welcome to pursue other interests with their internship component while still participating in the weekly Law and Advocacy seminars and experiences.

Engage Chicago:  Law and Advocacy Concentration

The goal of this track is to leverage the assets of the city to help students understand how legal and public policy work can effect positive social change.

This eight-week program will examine tough questions about our criminal justice system and give students the opportunity to reflect on how various public interest organizations, policy institutes, law firms, and individuals are using the law to strengthen our communities and advocate for social justice.

Students will be exposed to a variety of different issues and prospective careers related to advocacy, public policy, and the legal system through interaction with:

  • The state and federal court system
  • Discussions with judges, lawyers, community leaders, and individual citizens to understand the various roles and agendas of the stakeholders in the legal system
  • Advocacy and public interest groups involved with critical issues such as immigration, criminal justice reform, fair housing, and environmental justice
  • *Internships in the legal field (*Legal internship not required for all students)

The weekly sessions will include site visits with key stakeholders in Chicago's legal community, including visits to the criminal court, legal aid agencies, law firm partners, and community non-profits engaged in advocacy.

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