Participants in the health and medicine concentration will explore the roles doctors and health care workers play in community development

Special Concentration in Health and Medicine

Engage Chicago is pleased to offer an exciting program component for students interested in careers or further study in health and medicine. The Engage Chicago: Health & Medicine Concentration consists of a series of weekly seminars and field experiences that help students explore contemporary issues and prospective careers in medicine, public health, health policy, and other related fields.

In order to participate, students must apply to and be accepted into the Engage Chicago program. To be considered for this optional track, students must answer one additional short essay question on their Engage Chicago application.

Please note: students may choose to enhance their understanding of Health and Medicine issues by also pursuing a health-related internship to fulfill the Internship component of Engage Chicago. However, students are also welcome to pursue other interests with their internship component while still participating in the weekly Health and Medicine seminars and experiences.

Engage Chicago:  Health and Medicine Concentration

The goal of this track is to leverage the assets of the city to help students understand the realities of individual health in the context of the U.S. healthcare system. This eight-week program will examine several contemporary challenges in the healthcare sector as well as innovative efforts to improve individual and community health. Along the way, students will be exposed to a variety of different prospective careers related to medicine or public health.

The weekly sessions will include site visits, conversations with healthcare leaders, practitioners & patients, volunteer service and related readings and activities, as the group considers the question — how does one build a more effective health care system in a given society/community?
The group will learn about some of the major stakeholders and institutions that make up the US health system in an effort to better understand their respective interests — as well as some of the overall system's strengths and challenges. In particular, the group will consider the experience of patients and the impact of access to care on their health and well-being.
In addition to patients, prospective stakeholders the group may examine include:  

  • Providers - Doctors, Nurses, Public Health Practitioners
  • Major Institutions - Hospitals/Emergency Rooms
  • Insurance & Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Government/Policy Work
  • Nonprofit/Civic Organizations

Throughout the summer, the group will visit sites and organizations relevant to the seminar topics. Examples of prospective field study visits include sites like community health clinics, school-based health centers, mobile health resources, health advocacy organizations, public health prevention campaigns, or medical research centers. The program track will conclude with a session on next steps regarding career paths and research interests in health and medicine.

Engage Chicago's Health and Medicine Concentration will be facilitated by Dr. Robert Sargis, MD/PhD of the University of Chicago, and Engage Chicago program staff along with support from the Health Professions Advisers at Northwestern University's Academic Advising Center.

Students accepted to Engage Chicago can apply to be considered for this weekly seminar program. Interested students should indicate their interest in the Health and Medicine Concentration by responding to the additional short essay question on the Engage Chicago application.

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