How do I link my interests with service?

Which program or group is
right for me?

I have an idea for something new. What next?

At times, the wide range of civic engagement opportunities at Northwestern can overwhelm students trying to determine which path is best for them. One way to navigate NU's thriving world of service and experiential learning is to meet with a Civic Engagement Fellow. Each year CCE recruits a group of upperclassmen with first-hand knowledge of engagement-themed groups, programs and events to serve as Civic Engagement Fellows, helping develop CCE programming while also serving as peer advisors. Whether you're interested in the environment or education, public health or homelessness, meeting with a Fellow can help you better understand how to pursue your passion and make the most of your time at Northwestern.

Students who are looking to design their own program or considering an idea for a new initiative may also benefit from talking with a Fellow. In addition to receiving orientation in service-learning best practices, Civic Engagement Fellows have experience in leadership roles in groups around campus, making them an excellent resource for brainstorming and getting in-depth feedback about program development, administration and publicity.

Whether you are simply looking for a group on campus that matches your interest or are hoping to discuss a new idea with someone, be sure to take advantage of the experience and support these peer advisors have to offer. To learn more or meet with a Fellow, please fill out the form below: