Northwestern University's Center for Civic Engagement promotes a lifelong commitment to active citizenship and social responsibility among all students. Through an integration of academics with meaningful volunteer service, research and community partnerships, the Center supports students, faculty, staff and alumni as they enhance their own academic experiences while contributing to stronger communities and a more engaged university.

The Center for Civic Engagement utilizes a variety of strategies to meet this mission, building in part on the successful programs that are already underway in various halls of the institution. The Center for Civic Engagement:

  • Promotes meaningful community involvement and a culture of active civic engagement among all members of the university community (pre-college students, undergraduates, graduates, alumni, faculty and staff)

  • Develops and promotes cohesive curricular strategies that integrate service and hands-on experience with academic learning in a variety of disciplines

  • Connects and coordinates related efforts among individual faculty and staff as well as programs and departments throughout the university

  • Serves as a clearinghouse to collect and disseminate information on civic learning opportunities

  • Facilitates mutually-beneficial partnerships with community organizations locally and across the globe

  • Provides training and technical assistance to faculty, staff, and student leaders who facilitate service-learning projects and community partnerships

  • Conducts and publishes research on civic engagement and service-learning

  • Evaluates programs and disseminates information on best practices for academically based centers on civic education