Partners at 1813 Hinman


Conveniently, two great NU engagement programs are housed alongside CCE at 1813 Hinman. Students pursuing thoughtful engagement opportunities might find a good match in these additional programs:

Center for Leadership
The Center for Leadership creates a community of students interested in learning about, practicing, and reflecting upon their leadership skills. Rather than focusing on the leader as a single role or position, its approach to leadership focuses on skills and behaviors which help people work collaboratively to understand and solve problems. The Center for Leadership's core assumption is that leadership can and should be shared among the members of a group, community or organization, with different members contributing leadership whenever their personal assets and perspectives can be utilized. For more information, visit

Chicago Field Studies

Chicago Field Studies runs one-quarter academic internship programs that connect Northwestern seminars with internships at organizations in the Chicago area. Programs carry one to four credits and focus on a variety of subjects, such as social justice, law, business, and organizational behavior. CFS students intern up to 36 hours per week, depending on the program. Internship organizations are treated as sites for original research, which forms the cornerstone of seminar discussions and assignments. For more information, visit